Coronavirus has killed about 30 people in the United States this year.  To put things in perspective, that is about the same number of people that die yearly from champagne corks or coconuts falling on heads.  The flu, which is a lot more dangerous than coronavirus, kills about 20 to 30 thousand people a year. Interestingly though, the solution to preventing and stopping the coronavirus is very similar to preventing and stopping the flu.

The first step is to wash your hands frequently.  However, I am not a huge fan of antibacterial soaps, liquids, lotions, and sprays.  In my opinion, soap and water are more effective. Try not to touch your face or mouth unless you have just washed your hands.  Also instead of shaking hands with friends or coworkers, do a fist bump or knock elbows. Lastly, cough or sneeze into your elbow rather than your hands.  This will help prevent the spread of the virus.  

Now although these are very common ways for germs to spread, the dirtiest place for germs is the cell phone.  Most people do not wash their hands before touching their cell phones so there are so many different types of bacteria and viruses that are spread via the phone.  So please start cleaning your cell phones frequently because that will help to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

If you are sick, have a sore throat, or are coughing or sneezing, do the right thing and stay home.  We have to be responsible citizens and self quarantine. If we are not responsible eventually the government will make the decision themselves and quarantine us without our consent.  They will also mandate medical treatments without our consent in the interest of “public health.” If we are smart citizens now and eat healthy, drink water, sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, reduce emotional stress, go outside to get sunlight and oxygen, exercise frequently, and educate friends and family, we will prevent this pandemic from spreading, and will not be in a state of emergency.  

The key is not to panic.  If you panic, that causes more stress.  If you have more stress, then your immune system becomes weak.  If your immune system becomes weak then you are more susceptible to coronavirus. The coronavirus is preying on people with weak immune systems.  If you avoid watching the news and stop panicking, you will reduce anxiety and stress which will boost your immune system making you more likely to stay healthy.  

The news will have you believe that we are all going to die, and we need government intervention to save our lives.  If the government was really concerned about your health and preventing death and disease, they would be working on the real health problems in America and the rest of the world.   The leading causes of death (in order) in the United States are heart disease, cancer, medication, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide. Heart disease kills about 18 million a year and cancer kills about 10 million people a year.  

Emotional stress is the most common factor amongst all of these conditions.  If you are emotionally stressed, you are more likely to get heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and coronavirus.  If you are interested in learning about quick, easy, and natural ways to reduce stress and improve your immune system, please call the office at 201-261-2150 or email to reserve a spot for our FREE Emerson, NJ lecture at 2 pm on March 21st.  You can also visit our website at for more information or subscribe to our YouTube channel or Facebook page at Kaplan Brain and Body.