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Functional neurology is applied clinical neuroscience that focuses on the scientific study of fundamental mechanisms that underlie disease and disorders of the brain and central nervous system. At Kaplan Brain & Body, we use this safe, gentle and effective non-invasive technique to keep your brain, spine, nerves, and energies functioning and to promote better quality of life for our patients. This helps to strengthen weak areas of the brain and turn on your body’s natural healing power. What sets functional neurologists apart from conventional medical practitioners is the approach to treatment. Our providers will get to the root cause of your problems rather than only treating symptoms with medication or surgeries.


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Dr. Kaplan was New York City’s First Board Certified Functional Neurologist and owns the largest Functional Neurology practice in Manhattan. 

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Different Types of Dizziness

Different Types of Dizziness

There are many different types of dizziness that people may experience. How the patient describes their dizziness can vary immensely. Some say they feel like the room is spinning. They may feel as if they are spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. Many describe it as...

Victoria T

Dr Kaplan and his staff are excellent. He is very knowledgeable and has helped my neck pain/back pain and memory issues tremendously through various techniques. 10/10 would recommend Dr Kaplan.

Thomas B

I have been a patient of Dr Kaplan for an extended period of time ~ 4 years ago. He helped me immensely with his instructions & guidance to eliminate my problem. But as life goes, another problem needed attention & coaching, so I have returned. I feel confident that he will be of great help to me as he was previously.

Chris M

Dr. Kaplan’s office is efficient and friendly. The Doctor is careful to explain everything in advance and walk you through the steps. His approach of doctor-patient “teamwork” is refreshing as is his emphasis on your well-being.

Adina H

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kaplan for 2 years and he has helped me tremendously with shoulder, back and leg pain. My balance and posture has improved. Dr. Kaplan is very knowledgeable about autoimmune disorders and the exercises he asked me to do has helped immensely balancing out my right/left side. The office and staff are wonderful and I leave feeling like a new person after every visit.

Rosa P.

Dr. Kaplan treats his patients holistically rather than just treating the symptoms. He really understands how to heal the body in ways other doctors haven’t been able to. He doesn’t just throw meds at you. I highly recommend him.

Preston L

I greatly appreciate Dr. Kaplan’s support and service for my back issues. The pandemic ushered in a working environment where I do a lot of sitting at my desk without commutes, walking to meeting rooms or jetting out for lunches and dinners. This was the root cause, but Dr. Kaplan has not only help me understand my issue, but given me homework to do on a daily basis to improve my brain and body health. I highly recommend him as a health care provider.

Sonny S.

Dr. Kap is incredible, young knowledgeable empathetic and a great resource. I’ve seen him for years for a number of auto inflammatory induced CNS imbalances. he is a vault of knowledge for nutritional and supplementation ancillaries for healing metabolic imbalances, which years of trial and error and my own immunologist (Jesse Stoff in Westbury) has helped me find some balance.

Jessica P.

My daughter sees Dr. Kaplan, he is great with kids! Very welcoming office, Dr. Kaplan is an awesome dr, very genuine and knowledgeable. He is truly invested in others’ well-being.

Mary C.

I was referred to Dr Kaplan from another healer. Having dealt with a disease for 27 years. His intensive approach through the neurological functioning work has been astounding the results in a short order. And as we go he explains everything and holistically knows how to include insight in diet and supplements.

Kemiesha B.

Can you imagine being in constant pain for 10 years? Sleeping for not more than 4 hours a night for 6 years? I can, because that was my life before I saw Dr. Kaplan. I went for a consultation and I left his office 1 hour later feeling like I got back my life. I slept for the first time in a long time through the night that very same evening.

Susan D.

Ultimate Professional I have had regular appointments with Dr. Kaplan since last year for a serious vasovagal condition, among other issues. Dr. Kaplan is a very knowledgeable and cutting edge functional neurologist. He always takes his time at my visit, and never fails to demonstrate both his expertise and compassion.

Lalena L.

Effective & unique I discovered Dr. Kaplan at a Health Expo in the fall, and have been coming since beginning of January. I had a setback from a 2 year old knee injury where I had chronic leg pain for weeks from hip to ankle, so bad that it kept me up at night. I also had long term stomach issues. I like that Dr. Kaplan looks at your ailments holistically, it is not just about getting an adjustment.

Shirley C

Dr. Kaplan and staff are very professional Dr. Kaplan treat my individual problems: balancing my left and right brain and strengthening my vagus nerves with specific exercises. I even get home assignments to do at home. My processing time for my brain is very slow and he does not get impatient even though I was a dodo bird.