Diabetes is one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  In fact, neuroscientists are actually going to change the name of the disease from Alzheimer’s to Diabetes Type 3.  Consequently, sugar levels found in blood work are very important. The Hemoglobin A1C must be under 5.7 and fasting glucose levels must be under 100 to reduce your chances of diabetes and consequently Alzheimer’s.  If your levels are above these numbers you must start working at lowering them immediately.

The quickest and healthiest way to accomplish this is to have a ketogenic diet.  That means eating mostly proteins, fats, and vegetables.  I would recommend eliminating alcohol, bread, rice, wheat, barley, rye, oatmeal, cereal, crackers, muffins, bagels, croissants, sugar, juices, soda, and candy.  After six weeks you will notice a big difference in your blood work and this will reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Even though there are lots of foods that you shouldn’t eat, there are lots of foods that you can eat and still be healthy.  These include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, poultry and meat. To get all of your nutrients I recommend eating at least one food for each color of the rainbow.  I would also advise to get all your foods organic especially foods that have edible peels. Fruits like apples, strawberries and grapes have edible peels and are sprayed with many pesticides like Round-Up that seep into the fruit.  As a result, we would be consuming those harsh chemicals that can cause a toxic overload and lead to neurological disorders.  A few other suggestions include buying wild fish, grass fed beef, free roaming chicken and eggs and also make sure none of the foods have antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

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To summarize, diabetes is one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s disease so therefore we want to decrease all sugars and carbohydrates from our diet to reduce chances of dementia and memory loss. 

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