The Earth is made up of 71 percent water. Our bodies are made up of 78 percent water when we are born and usually about 60 percent as we get older. Water is life. To stay hydrated, drink the same number of ounces as the number of your bodyweight halved, every day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100 ounces of water every day. I recommend drinking water with pink Himalayan salt, which contains 86 minerals. That is about half of all the minerals we have found on Earth. To balance out your electrolytes, I recommend getting a big salt rock and pouring your water over the rock into a container to help avoid putting too much salt in your water.

Water is the best source of hydration for our bodies. There are many beverages in the store that claim to provide “better hydration,” but often these are packed with sugar, artificial flavors, food dyes, and other harmful chemicals—not to mention that they are typically packed in plastic bottles, which are bad for you and the environment. Avoid electrolyte drinks (Pedialyte or Gatorade), and certainly avoid soda and coffee. None of these drinks count as water. In fact, coffee dehydrates you, so if you do drink coffee, you must add an extra glass of water to the amount you drink that day.

People are usually surprised when I tell them to stop drinking fruit juices. Fruit juices contain all of the sugar and none of the fiber of the fruit. Smoothies are a better option if you enjoy having fruit in the morning, but do not remove any of the pulp.

You should also find out about the water quality in your home and community. Does it have a lot of fluoride, lead, or chlorine? If so, you should invest in a high-quality water filter designed to filter out these harmful chemicals. Typical water filters won’t cut it. This does not just go for your drinking water; you can also be exposed to chemicals in the water when you shower or bathe. Many companies can install water filters for your shower as well. You should take an active interest to find out what is in your water in the first place, how dangerous some of these additives, chemicals, and heavy metals may be, and which steps you need to take to protect yourself from them.


As far as hydration, when you drink water is almost as important as simply ensuring you drink it. We should be drinking two glasses of warm lemon water when we wake up, as well as a glass thirty minutes before breakfast, thirty minutes before lunch, thirty minutes before dinner, and right before bed. Don’t drink water after a meal because it dilutes the food, making it harder to digest. Instead, drinking water before meals has been shown to help lubricate the alimentary tract, making digestion more efficient and thereby helping people lose weight. After a workout, remember to replenish your fluids by drinking water. If you are on your period, drinking more water will help prevent PMS, cramping, and irritability. If you drink alcohol, I recommend having a glass of water for each drink you consume to keep your brain and body hydrated. This will not only be helpful for your brain and body in the long run, but will also help prevent a hangover the next day.


 Many headaches are due to dehydration. If you frequently suffer from headaches, consider your water intake. Odds are, you are not drinking enough water. So don’t take an aspirin; instead, enact a plan and set goals to drink more water. For instance, try to drink half of your daily water goal by noon. Use a big glass water bottle and keep it within reach.

Keeping the brain hydrated helps to maximize and unleash the brain’s potential. Keep it hydrated, and your brain will function at optimal levels. Think of the brain as a grape. If you do not give it enough water, it will shrink and shrivel up and turn into a raisin. Do not let this happen to your brain. The key to any disease is prevention. Keep your brain and body strong with this simple, easy, and affordable solution. And keep in mind, water also makes your hair and skin look beautiful and helps improve libido, digestion, circulation, energy, and sleep.