We live in a world of long ingredient lists, highly engineered products, and deceptive marketing.  As we enter into the holiday season, people are gearing up to buy the next “best thing”.  The companies making these products typically do not have our health in mind, so we need to do our own work and research to make sure that the products we’re using on our bodies or in our homes are not sabotaging our efforts for better health.  Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals can lead to many diseases, including cancer.

It is crucial to be mindful about the potential toxic chemicals in our food, since many people expose themselves to chemicals in food several times each day.  You should be aware that the vast majority of conventional produce in the grocery store has been genetically modified or exposed to pesticides.  Seeking out organic options or buying your produce from farmers’ markets can reduce your exposure to these toxic chemicals.  Furthermore, make sure you’re cooking your organic produce on coating-free cookware.  Cast iron and stainless steel are much safer than non-stick pots and pans, and work just as well.

We must also be aware of the chemicals in our drinking water.  There can be fluoride or lead in water that can be harmful for your health.  If possible, you should invest in a high-quality water filter, since most popular water filters have limitations in what chemicals they filter out.  The air we breathe also has chemicals from pollution, exhaust, and geoengineering. 
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Most conventional cleaning products are filled with harsh and dangerous ingredients, can be replaced with equally effective and cost-effective alternatives made from harmless household products like vinegar, baking soda, water, lemon, and essential oils.  Essential oil diffusers also provide a great alternative to chemical-loaded air freshener sprays.  A quick search on the internet yields hundreds of recipes for homemade cleaners for laundry, kitchen surfaces, and bathrooms.

Cosmetics are another major culprit of repeated chemical exposure.  Lotion, body wash, shampoo, and makeup can all be harmful to your health.  Some beauty products contain formaldehyde, which has been shown to have negative effects on the nervous system, lungs, nose and throat, and also potentially cause cancer.  Ironically, sunscreen is one of the most toxic cosmetic products available – but that does not mean you should stop using sunscreen!  E-mail us for recommendations on healthy sunscreen and beauty-supply options.  If you use a product on your body, it is worthwhile to do some research to find out if it contains ingredients that could harm you.

Antiperspirant is one of the most generally accepted ways people expose themselves to chemicals every day – primarily aluminum which attacks your nervous system and has been tied to degenerative brain disease.  As we discussed in previous articles, aluminum is one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s disease.  To protect your memory as you age, it is absolutely necessary that you cut aluminum-containing products out of your life.  Your brain will thank you!

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