This is a very strange time in the world.  We are all quarantined to our homes. The market is crashing. People are fearing that the novel coronavirus will kill everyone. All events are canceled and all schools are closed.  The future is uncertain.  We have two options.  You can add to the panic and report all the bad news. You can talk to anxious friends who add more negativity to your day.  You can continue to read posts, articles, and social media that increases the hysteria.  You can blame others for breaking the rules and putting innocent people at risk.  You can relentlessly watch the news which will put you in fear mode thereby increasing stress levels.

Or, which in my opinion is the better option, you can see all the good that is occurring and appreciate this time of our lives. There is a silver lining.  The world is purifying itself now.  The air in China has never been so clean.  There is less pollution than ever.  China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital because there are not enough patients. Apple has actually opened up all 42 stores in China. India has been very successful at treating coronavirus. There are more and more recovery stories all around the world. The dolphins are even coming back to the canals in Italy.  South Korea is getting back to normal. All around the world, people who were overworked and were missing quality time at home are now able to relax and bond with their families.  People are exercising outside now more than I have ever seen before. Neighbors are genuinely looking out for each other in a way I have not seen since 9-11. Great things are happening now. This coronavirus quarantine is helping the earth to clean the water and air that were extremely polluted from human activity, as well as giving us the opportunity to cleanse our souls and declutter our minds.

In addition, unlike Italy, we are allowed to go outside and are not confined to our living spaces.  It is very important for people to go outside and move their bodies.  Get lots of exercise, sunlight, oxygen, and spend lots of time in nature. Do not become a couch potato, and obviously remain at your social distance of 6 feet when walking around.  Wash your hands frequently.  Clean your cell phone just as often as you wash your hands.  Be responsible and stay home if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who has been sick.  If you are elderly or immunocompromised, stay at home even if you feel well, and do not accept visitors.

My advice is to take action, get healthy, boost your immune system, build better relationships and clean up your life now!  Clean your closet, your basement, your attic, your storage area, your office, your house, your car, your yard, your inbox, your computer, your phone, your schedule, and most importantly clean your head and clean up your relationships.

Remember, in the USA last year the flu killed about 35,000 people, and nobody panicked.  In 2020, Coronavirus on average has killed about 11 people a day, and in total has killed 802 Americans. Did you know that heart disease kills about 2,000 people every single day! The news, the government, and social media will not tell you about that.  Did you know that cancer kills about 1,900 people a day?  Why aren’t all of these toxic chemicals that cause cancer banned? Where is the outrage about sugar?  Why isn’t the news reporting about the lack of exercise in America?  Why do you not hear about stress reduction techniques?  If the news and the government really cared about your health, they would tell you to avoid pizza, ice cream, and bagels just as much as they are telling you to stay home and wash your hands.  If they really cared about your health they would ban food dyes, artificial sweeteners and flavors, Round-Up, cigarettes, Hookah, E-cigs, certain pesticides, cleaning chemicals, herbicides, perfumes, and preservatives just like they are banning work, travel, and events.  How come the news does not report all the people dying of starvation, all the homelessness, and all the countries that do not have clean water.  They will report the 8 people that died from coronavirus in Pakistan, but they won’t report the 100,000 people that died in Pakistan from low birth weight or the 60,000 people that died from drinking dirty water last year.  Stop watching the news.

Now although we cannot rely on the news, social media, and the government to give us the real information, we can get information about your health and well-being from your health care practitioners.  Just call or email your doctor.  If you are interested, to show our commitment to the community we are offering FREE virtual health consults for 20 minutes.   Each call is normally $125 but we are offering FREE consultations for new patients.  Please email me at, call 201-261-2150, or text 646-221-6738 to set up your FREE virtual consult which can be done over Facetime, Facebook, Skype, or WhatsApp.  Looking forward to helping you during this health crisis.