People who are alone will literally die. Research was done in jails and people who are in solitary confinement will literally die. The brain needs interactions with other humans. You might not necessarily have relationships with people, but you might choose to have relationships with pets. You must have interactions. In “Castaway” Tom Hanks’ character had a relationship with a volleyball he named Wilson and that relationship saved his brain. My suggestion is to stop sitting at home on the computer, watching TV and using an iPad and go out in the real world. If you don’t have a friend to go out with, just walk outside and watch other people have relationships. Watch people sitting at the cafe having their first date. Watch an old married couple holding hands walking down the street. Watch kids hanging out together. Watch the mother strolling with her baby. These activities use mirror neurons in the brain that will stimulate the brain as much as doing the activities yourself.

Another suggestion I have for good relationship is to stop wishing people a happy birthday on Facebook. Instead, call your friend to wish them a happy birthday. They will appreciate it so much more. You can hear a smile over the phone and that will stimulate your brain. Don’t send a text telling someone you love them; send them a letter. They will never read that text again but they will keep the card. Don’t buy people presents for their birthday, take them out and do something special like going to Rockefeller Center to go ice skating, or a Broadway show, make a memory of something that they will remember. Keep all your memories in a book. Therefore, if you are having a bad or are feeling anxious or depressed you can open up that book and it will light up your day and even release endorphins that will give you a natural high and get you out of that funk.


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