You must have a purpose in your life – something you’re working towards.  My purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through functional neurology, functional medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, herbal remedies, and education on self-healing.  Your purpose might be feeding the homeless, helping people with their health, or assisting people in making financial decisions.  Your passion might be enlightening and motivating people, helping people exercise, or rescuing abandoned dogs.

You might have hobbies that make you happy.  Do you make art or music?  Do you love crocheting or reading books?  Everything from supporting a charity, learning a language, playing a sport or game, to learning carpentry or gardening can help keep your brain healthy and strong.  Perhaps you’re passionate about caring for your friends or family.  Maybe you advocate for a clean environment or spread the teachings of a religion.

Also remember, everyone can benefit from exploring a new interest.  Consider taking an exercise class or joining a community group.  You can go for a walk on a new trail or in another town.  Take a music lesson or a cooking class.  Do something new, spontaneous, and exciting!  You never know what might wind up making your life bright.

Everyone needs a purpose that helps other people or the planet.  Your brain needs a reason to wake up in the morning and get moving.  It should be something that you love to do, and should require using the brain to plan, coordinate, organize, predict, remember, react, or take action.  Doing things you love is an easy way to keep your brain working efficiently and effectively – so that you can age happily.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 17 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s each week.  Next week’s article will summarize all of the previous articles and review the most important steps you can implement immediately to keep your brain strong and prevent future neurological disorders, in addition to reversing any problems you currently have as well.  Please email me at to receive a copy of any or all of the previous articles that were published.       

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