We expose our brains and bodies to dangerous materials like heavy metals more often than we think.

Aluminum is the most common heavy metal associated with Alzheimer’s disease and it is found in most commercial deodorants and antiperspirants.  We should rethink our use of antiperspirants because sweating is natural and healthy.  It is one important way our bodies detoxify.  When we apply antiperspirants, we clog up our sweat glands, restricting our armpits from sweating and keeping in toxins.  This can even lead to breast cancer.  In addition, the aluminum in these products can collect in our bodies and affect our brain health. 

Aluminum is also found in the foil we use to store, pack, and cover our food.  This aluminum can seep into the foods we eat and accumulate in our bodies.  To prevent this, it is best to store food in glass containers.  Aluminum in pots and pans can also enters our food when we cook.  A good alternative to aluminum is stainless steel cookware which is safe and effective.  Also be aware of aluminum in canned goods from the supermarket.  It is always best to buy free, whole raw foods that are not stored in aluminum cans.

Another dangerous heavy metal is Mercury.  Mercury poisoning is very common in America. The United States is one of the only countries that still allows mercury (in the form of thimersol) in the flu vaccine.  If you want to avoid the flu, you must build up your immune system.  You must get proper rest (8 straight deep hours of sleep in the winter and 7 straight deep sleep hours in the summer).  You must drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  You must reduce your stress levels and exercise.  You must eat healthy and ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D.  Oftentimes in winter, people do not sleep enough, and drink alcohol at holiday parties.  They drink less water because they are not sweating as much and don’t feel as thirsty.  They have high stress and anxiety levels due to holiday shopping or completing projects before the New Year.   This is why people get the flu — it is not because they did not get the flu shot.

Mercury is also found in dental fillings.  It is essential to make sure there are no holes in the filling which might allow mercury to leach into the body.  There is also mercury in the fish we eat.  Always buy smaller fish because they have lower levels of mercury.

It is also advisable to avoid fluoride, a known neurotoxin which is found in the water we drink.  Invest in a water filter which filters out flouride.  Fluoride is also a common ingredient in most toothpastes, so consider switching to a fluoride-free toothpaste.  Finally, another common heavy metal is lead.  It can be found in old paint, old pencils, and in water as well.  Consider having your water tested to ensure that it is free from lead.

Being aware of the chemicals in the products we buy and foods we eat empowers us to make the right choices for the health of our brain and body.  Remember that your choices are in your hands!

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