Stress is one of the leading causes of abnormal brain health.  Therefore it is imperative that you avoid all stresses.  Avoid physical stress.  Avoid emotional stress.  Avoid biochemical stress.  Physical stress would be sitting at the computer all day and typing on the keyboard or typing on your phone.  Emotional stress would be if you are unsatisfied at work, in a bad relationship or do not like your current living situation.  Biochemical stress is toxins in our environment like the pesticides in food, the fluoride in toothpaste or the aluminum in deodorant.  

With physical stress, we must get the body moving.  If you are sitting at the computer all day, make sure you do what I call the “20 rule”.  Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to walk 20 feet and look 20 feet away and then go back to the computer.  This will help prevent depression, back pain, headaches, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are playing golf and are always twisting one direction, practice swinging the other way so you don’t wear one side out quicker.  If you are a garbage man and are always tossing the garbage over your left shoulder, start tossing it over your right shoulder.  Make sure you do not do activities that only stress one part of your body.

Emotional stress is even more significant than the physical stress.  Sometimes you might have to move out of a big city into the suburbs where there is more calmness, nature, animals and trees.  Sometimes you might have to quit a job to reduce emotional stress.  There might be a job that pays well, but the hours stink, your boss is mean and you don’t get along with your coworkers.  The stress is not worth the money.  Sometimes you might have to get out of a bad relationship.  Coming home to person you do not want to be with can cause so much stress that it might manifest into illness.

The third stress is biochemical stress.  This includes the chemicals we are exposed to.  In my third Alzheimer’s prevention article, we reviewed a lot of the chemicals that need to be avoided like Aerosol sprays.  Deodorant sprays, suntan lotions, perfumes, Febreze, Lysol, colognes, Glade plug-ins, and bleaches, teflon pans, plastic storage containers, make-up, cleaning products, and toxic beauty products should all be immediately removed from your house because they are toxic to the environment, they are toxic to inhale, and toxic on your skin, body, and brain.  

In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to reduce physical, emotional, and biochemical stresses to ensure that the body functions best and feels best.  As a result you will prevent illness and maximize your brain’s potential and prevent memory loss and other neurological disorders.

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