If you want to be healthy and have good brain function it is important to make sure your blood work is done and the levels are in the “healthy” range.  Keep in mind that I said “healthy” range and not “normal” range.  When you get blood work, and they tell you it is normal, they are saying that you are normal compared to all the sick people that are getting blood work. Remember that most Americans are living an unhealthy lifestyle with a poor diet, lack of exercise, high stress, high alcohol consumption, limited sleep, and lack of proper amounts of water.  So if you are “normal” you are like a typical unhealthy American.  In my office we have created a “healthy” range where you are compared to people living a very healthy lifestyle.  If your blood work is in a “healthy” range, then you are less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or dementia.   If you would like for me to look at your “normal” blood work and see if it is in the “healthy” range, please email me at info@kaplanbrainandbody.com and I will evaluate your blood work for FREE if you mention this article.

Another reason blood work is very important is to see if you have any nutritional deficiencies.  Many patients take vitamins or supplements that are extremely dangerous and can affect your brain and gut function in a negative way.  Just because it is a “natural supplement” does not mean it is not dangerous.  In my previous article I mentioned how medication can be dangerous, but be aware that vitamins can be dangerous as well.  For example I have a 60- year-old female patient named Diane.  She was taking calcium supplements.  She told me that she was taking Calcium supplements everyday for the past 10 years.  I asked her why, and she responded that her doctor told her it was good for her bones.  Calcium supplements are very dangerous and should only be taken if you have a calcium deficiency.  Calcium supplements have been linked to cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and brain dysfunction.  Make sure you take me up on my offer to analyze your blood work and see if it is appropriate to take supplements before you buy any other vitamins or products.  

You should only take calcium supplements if you are deficient in calcium, not because it is good for your bones.  Do not take B12 for energy or because you are a vegetarian.  Do not take magnesium to help with digestion or sleep.  Do not take iron because you think you are anemic.  Only take vitamins if your lab results show that you are deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral.  The most common deficiency I see in NY and NJ is Vitamin D.  I personally am low and take a high quality Vitamin D that is not from a store but must be ordered by a doctor.  If you want a suggestion of the highest quality Vitamin D supplement just email me at info@kaplanbrainandbody.com and I will forward you the information.  Please remember that many supplements can be dangerous, so it is vital to check your blood work first. In conclusion, monitoring blood work will help you to stay healthy and prevent neurological disorders.

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