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"I have been taking Prozac and Ambien for over 15 years since my father passed away. After seeing Dr. Kaplan for a few months, I am now off these medications and feel better then ever."
- KP

"Last year, I suffered a stroke and lost all feelings in my arm. Thanks to Dr. Kaplan and his staff, I am now feeling hot, cold, light touch, and pain. I was told by multiple doctors that there was nothing that could be done, but I knew they were wrong. With the help of Dr. Kaplan, I am getting all the feeling and sensations back to the way it was before the stroke."
- HL

"For the past year, I have not been able to sign my name or write a letter correctly because my arm would shake and I could not control the pen. Dr. Kaplan has started treatment with functional neurology exercises and last week, I was able to sign my first check in over a year without any problems."
- PK

"I was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. I would fall over 20 times a day and had many injuries as a result. I was scared for my life. Since seeking Dr. Kaplan, I have had my first day in the past 5 years in which I had no falls. I feel more stable and better balance."
- GG

"My name is Yvonne Allen and I am seventy-years-old. I have been diagnosed with Stenosis of the spine, one bulging disk, Scoliosis of the lumbar spine, and slight hip displacement. As a result, severe pain has tremendously impacted my quality of life for the last two years. During this time, I have used several prescription drugs in the attempt to manage the discomfort and pain to no avail. Fortunately for me, during my quest to seek alternative methods for pain relief, I crossed paths with an existing patient of Dr Kaplan. I have been to Dr. Kaplan for five adjustments thus far and immediately began to notice effective results. My body is becoming stronger, and the pain is gradually subsiding. I am beginning to feel a renewed sense of energy, stronger, and more confident about performing day to day activities while under the care of Dr Kaplan. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone suffering from any form of back pain. He is extremely competent and addresses all concerns or questions thoroughly. Dr. Kaplan also has a great sense of compassion for his patients, as well as his caring staff. On a final note, Dr. Kaplan’s commitment to work with me has provided me with great confidence in his ability as a Chiropractor."
- Yvonne Allen

"Prior to Dr. Kaplan, I suffered chronic low back pain and neck pain. I would lie down to sleep and the pain would cause me to sit back up again. I was scared about getting my neck adjusted, but Dr. Kaplan is very gentle and puts me at ease. Since starting treatment with him, my back and neck have improved considerably and my range of motion has
increased. He not only cares about his patients' health, but also their general well being."
- Jun Simmons

"I was crushed by a Chevrolet Suburban and put in a coma. Dr. Kaplans expertise and superb treatments have allowed me to return to competitive running and triathalon training. Because of his frequent conferences attended, I experience even better care as his depth and skill in treatment deepens. From someone who has gone from wheel-chair to running post-accident, I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan to treat anyone."
- G.D.

"After seeing Dr. Kaplan, I am feeling better, walking better, and I am more mobile. He is
very knowledgable with the anatomy of the human body."
- Blossom Call

"Dr. Kaplan is incredibly knowledgeable and is fascinated by the human body. He goes to great lengths to continue to develop his skills and is not stagnant in his professional development. Very Personable. Consistent & reliable results."- Connie Colvin

"I began seeing Dr. Kaplan about five weeks ago. He was quick to diagnose the severe pain I was having in my lower back area and reassuringly explained his proposed treatment. It was most effective and alleviated practically all of my discomfort with just a few visits. His recommendations and advice regarding “exercise and self-help” have made a marked improvement on my overall posture, particulary in the lower back.

I have recommended Dr. Kaplan to serveral friends and collegues and would gladly do so again to anyone with back problems or other chiropratic needs. Also, his assistant Angie is great, and will make you feel like you’re member of the family.

Positively Nothing to Lose – Everything to Gain!"
- CF Hicks

"Dr. Eric Kaplan is a caring and talented healer. I am 70 years old, and in

the two years that he has been my chiropractor, he has helped me
through several spine-related crises. Perhaps even more important,
under his care, several chronic (and painful) muscular symptoms have
all but disappeared. I have found his methods to be both gentle and
effective. Of special interest to me, is his interest in brain
function. His training techniques in the brain have had a very positive
effect on my motion and balance, including a tendency towards
- Ann Guilfoyle

"A true healer – Dr. Kaplan…

During the time I have been treated by Dr. Kaplan I have experienced remarkable improvement and relief from chronic and severe lower back pain. Dr. Kaplan is very caring and compassionate and his commitment and dedication to healing are impressive. It is always comforting and uplifting to come in for an appointment."
- Suzanna Patterson


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